Trump Follower Pepper-Sprays Peaceful Protester, Police Refuse To Arrest



Republican presidential candidate and frontrunner, Donald Trump has regularly encouraged violence from his supporters against protesters.

Those incidences of violence have apparently been amping up over the past few weeks.

Recently, violence between Trump supporters and his protesters erupted once again.

The incident was captured by a capitol reporter for the Wisconsin State Journal.

Molly Beck, tweeted what she witnessed at a rally in Janesville, when a fifteen-year-old female protester was pepper-sprayed by a Trump supporter.

The pepper-spraying was directly in her face and was so bad that she required medical assistance.

Colin Taylor of Occupy Democrats notes that Janesville is a “heavily white town with a lengthy history with the Ku Klux Klan” that “exploded into chaos” today after hundreds of anti-fascist protesters stood up to Trump supporters – many of whom were openly expressing their racism.

Taylor notes that “reports are unclear as of yet” but “the pictures are a brutal symbol not only of the violence of Trump’s movement but of their naked disrespect towards women. As he continues to encourage violence at his rallies, the likelihood of people getting injured is rising substantially.”

Taylor adds that this “is a low point of American history that we won’t be able to soon recover from. Win or lose, the hangover from the Trump campaign is clearly not going away any time soon. This is fascism at work.”

Watch the video below… it’s hard to disagree:

We contacted the police and asked them if an arrest had been made in this case. They told us they did not know anything about it.

Help SPREAD THE WORD about this neo-fascism, spreading violence against peaceful protesters against Donald Trump. It’s up to us to stop this NOW!

(Article by M. David and Reagan Ali; images via Twitter and Instagram; h/t to Occupy Democrats)

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