Trump Follower Maced Then Yelled “N****r Lover” To 15-Year-Old Who Was Sexually Assaulted at Rally



If you’re one of the thousands of Trump supporters who have been defending the assault of a 15-year-old who was protesting outside of a Trump rally recently in Janesville, Wisconsin, then you might be a racist.

It it wasn’t obvious to you, it has been to the rest of us.

You see, while you tripped over yourself to make excuses for the people assaulting this underaged girl, you ignored the racially-charged element of the attack, and how the incident began with this girl being sexually assaulted.

While you searched for excuses to defend an adult assaulting a girl who was trying to defend herself from a sexual-predator who had come out to support Trump, you acted – according to your own imaginings – as though the girl in question had just lashed out for no reason.

You acted further as though the person who pepper-sprayed her was acting in defense of some poor old man (who happened to be a child molester), rather than erupting in violent malice, and punctuating their actions with racist comments.

Now, even though police refused to make an arrest at first, they say they are searching for two Donald Trump rally attendees who pepper sprayed and sexually assaulted the 15-year-old anti-Trump protester.

Video of the incident clearly documents other apparent Trump supporters shouting “bitch” and “n****r lover” to the teenager as she attempts to walk away with pepper spray in her eyes.

“Damn, Donald, back at it again with the white supremacy,” 15-year-old Alex Drake’s protest sign read, according to video that recorded the incident.

As a protester raised a sign reading “Black Lives Matter,” the crowd of mostly older Caucasian Trump followers began chanting “All lives matter,” to drown out the Janesville teenager.

It was around that time that the Janesville police say that “a male in the crowd groped the 15 year girl, when she pushed him away; another person in the crowd sprayed her.”

Even the police who initially did nothing have been forced to admit that this assault took place, due to the sheer number of eye-witnesses who have made sworn statements about having observed it.

Video of the incident clearly shows Drake confronting a man who she says touched her breast. Finally, she lashes out against the child-molester.

An additional video documents another Trump supporter yelling to “get that bitch out of here,” after the teenage girl stumbles away from being pepper sprayed by the bigots.

“Goddamn communist, n****r lover! Get out of here,” yet another Trump supporter can be heard shouting:

Janesville Police Chief David Moore told WKOK-TV that another teenager has also been treated for second-hand pepper spray at a local hospital.

Let’s be blunt about this: Trump would not attract people like this en mass if they were not politically alike.

In fact, Trump’s refusal to outrightly and immediately denounce the KKK was a clear hat tip to his racist fans, as are his regular retweets from white supremacists.

When you are defending a man like this, and his followers who sexually assault an underage girl – and then you blame the victim for being further assaulted – it is clear that you are on the wrong side of history and have no moral compass.

(Article by M. David; image by #Op309 Media)

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