Trump Aide Finally Charged For Assaulting Female Journalist, Police Initially Refused To Arrest



As usual, police initially refused to make any arrest of violent Trump supporters who attacked people at the Republican frontrunner’s rallies. This time, the Trump supporter was an actual campaign aide, who Trump has personally singled out for praise and congratulations.

Corey Lewandowski, Donald Trump’s campaign manager, was just charged this morning with misdemeanor battery following allegations of “forcefully grabbing a reporter” at a Jupiter news conference. The local town police confirmed the charges this morning.

The incident took place, following a March 8 conference at Trump National Golf Club. That’s when Michelle Fields, a 28-year-old reporter who was with the online Breitbart News Network, claimed that she was grabbed on the arm by Lewandowski, 41, for asking Trump a critical question about affirmative action.

The Trump campaign denied everything – gas-lighting Fields – claiming she was “delusional.”

Lewandowski replied to Fields’ Tweet, saying: “You are totally delusional. I never touched you. As a matter of fact, I have never even met you.”

But Washington Post reporter Ben Terris explained that he witnessed the assault personally.

Jupiter police later explained they were investigating the incident after Fields filed a report. But initially they refused to believe anything had happened.

In the beginning, investigators even refused to name Lewandowski as a suspect.

Lewandowski was finally charged, however, and turned himself in to Jupiter police just after 8 a.m., according to a police report.

Surveillance footage from Trump National corroborates Fields’ claim, according to the arrest report.

Fields  Tweeted photos of the bruises on her arm from the assault.

She resigned Breitbart less than a week after the incident, as Breitbart refused to stand behind her amid the allegations against the Trump campaign.

Ben Shapiro, former Breitbart editor-at-large, also resigned, saying that the conservative online news source had “abandoned” Fields “in order to protect Trump’s bully campaign manager.”

Several other employees followed suit, resigning, in the following weeks, according to multiple reports.

The police initially REFUSED to make an arrest, but enough witnesses and footage have been presented that now there is no more denying what happened! Help SPREAD THE WORD if you are tired of Trump’s BROWN SHIRT THUGS using violence to bully their way into the White House!

(Article by M. David; image by #Op309 Media)

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