Cruel School Teacher Shoves Special Needs Student To The Ground



Georgia Police have just announced that they have arrested a teacher who shoved a student with special needs to the ground.

The teacher was caught on surveillance video knocking the child over, in what was clearly a deliberate manner.

The teacher has been identified as 71 year old Amelia Stripling. She turned herself in to police Friday afternoon, after she was informed that warrants had been issued for her arrest.

Stripling resigned the next day, after being charged with 2nd degree cruelty to a child.

The incident took place at the Tift County Pre-K Center in Tifton, back on March 17.

The child’s mother explained that Stripling violently jammed her knee into the little boy’s back, forcing him to fall to the ground.

Tift County School officials said that they reported the incident to the Division of Family and Children Services.

We have not yet received word on when Stripling will appear before a judge.

The child’s mother said she has contacted a lawyer and plans to sue.

Watch the video below…

(Article by M. David and Reagan Ali)

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