Ohio Cop Pulls Over Toddler Driving Toy Car, To Teach Submission To The Police State Early



Xenia, Ohio is most famous for the cult classic movie Gummo, which isn’t terribly far from an accurate depiction of the rural Midwestern town.

But when police in Xenia aren’t busy sending people to court for raising money for the homeless, they’ve been actively involved with local Ku Klux Klan chapters, even helping the former mayor Frank Chambliss cover up murders and corpse desecration.

Now, Xenia cops have decided that instilling the virtues of submission to the police state can never start too early. That’s why Officer Brian Blackaby pulled over a local toddler who was “joyriding” in his new toy car.

The local WHIO News reported that the cop “will now have a lasting memory” of the incident.

Officer Blackaby has been a Xenia patrolman of seven years. He said he was in the area of Hollywood Boulevard Friday evening “when he spotted the toddler in his model Chevrolet Silverado.”

Brian Miller, the boy’s father, thought it’d be cute to ask the officer to pose with the 1-year-old.

Officer Blackaby decided that it’d be even better to flip on his police lights and pull out his ticket book.


“He was kind of shy around me; he looked concerned,” Blackaby commented about Braydon. That “shyness” was no doubt fear.

Miller thought the officer was great though.

“He was a really nice officer; I thought it was really awesome he did that,” Miller stated. “It’s great, especially with all the news and the bad rap police get.”

But how is it a good rap to tell a 1-year-old that you have power over them and are stopping them from playing to give them a ticket?

This is, sadly, the mentality of many in areas like Xenia, that practically worship their police force.

Xenia police posted the photos to its Facebook page on Friday, along with the caption: “I’m sorry officer. I was running late for the Easter Egg Hunt.”

(Article by Jackson Marciana; Reagan Ali and M. David)


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