Trump Proudly Quotes Fascist Dictator Mussolini Who He Calls An ‘Interesting’ Person



As if the KKK and David Duke endorsing Donald Trump wasn’t bad enough, as if Trump refusing to denounce the Klan wasn’t enough, Trump has now openly quoted fascist leader Benito Mussolini with zero regret or apologies.

On Meet the Press today, Donald Trump was confronted about his tweet of a quote by famous fascist party leader, Benito Mussolini.

Chuck Todd: “You retweeted a quote: “it is better to live one day as a lion than 100 years as a sheep”

Trump: “It is a very good quote. It is s a very interesting quote. I saw it, I know who said it but what difference does it make who said it? it’s a very interesting quote.”

Todd: “Do you want to be associated with a fascist?

Trump: “No I want to be associated with interesting quotes… It got your attention, didn’t it?”

This is, quite simply, insane.

Trump refuses to even denounce the founder of the fascist party. All he would say is “Mussolini is Mussolini.”

Trump has repeatedly been compared to the fascist dictator, even in terms of common fascial expressions shared by the dictator and would-be dictator.

For those who might not understand how bad this is, fascism is a form of governmental rule by a dictator who controls every aspect of the lives of the people.

Disagreeing with the government is completely forbidden under fascism. Interestingly, Trump recently noted that he would not in any way tolerate media criticisms that he considered “unfair” or “harsh.”

Watch the video of the exchange below…

(Article by M. David; image by #Op309 Media)

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