Secret Service Bodyslams Time Magazine Photographer At Trump Rally



Donald Trump rallies have been characteristically violent, but now a Secret Service agent attacked a photographer – choking him, body slamming him and kicking him while on the ground – even though he had done nothing wrong.

The photojournalist was simply taking photographs of a line of protesters, at the Virginia rally, but he was clearly separate from the group.

The Secret Service agent seemed angered by the fact that he was filming, and he instantly began choking the man while still standing.

Trump was being heckled by dozens of African American students in Radford, when security swarmed them and escort them out.

The photographer with Time magazine followed along to shoot the scene, but was not part of the protesters.

Watch that footage below…

The video was recorded by Examiner reporter Gabby Morrongiello. It clearly documents the photographer who had already been slammed to the ground. A muscular man in a suit was filmed kicking him and trying to get on top of him.

The photographer managed to get up briefly and mimic what the Secret Service agent did to him only moments before – placing his hand on his throat.

A longer piece of footage posted by Independent Journal reporter Joe Perticone, documented this as well. Take a look:

So I went to the #Trump rally today. I went with an open mind, hoping to hear his ideas on how he would handle the country if he were president. Instead, I listened to him slander other running candidates and the press. In all, I'd say my perception of Trump hasn't changed. If anything I feel more confident to say #dumptrump In honor of the insane amount of hatred in this mans campaign, here's a video I got of a reporter being choke slammed by a security guy #makeamericahateagain

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(Article by M. David and Reagan Ali; video via Celeste Chorniak)

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