Michigan Senate Passes Bill Banning Oral and Anal Sex, Violators Face 15 Years In Prison


The Michigan Senate has just passed a bill that outlaws both oral and anal sex, and classifies this as a felony.
Michigan already has a state law that punishes anal sex with a prison sentence of up to a 15-years.
The U.S. Supreme Court, however, decided in the 2003 case Lawrence v. Texas that these laws are inherently unconstitutional. They invalided them in 13 states.
But the Michigan legislature pointed out that the ban was only unconstitutional if it targeted homosexuals. They explained that this new law would target everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation – if they engage in heterosexual anal or oral sex too.
The bill actually reads, in part, “the abominable and detestable crime against nature with mankind or with any animal.”
This would seem to confirm that it does in fact target homosexuality, but lawmakers say that all will be punished equally for engaging in forbidden sex acts.
The Senate snuck this all in as part of an amendment to a bill banning bestiality, in an attempt to prevent animal abuse.
The bill started out as an anti-animal abuse bill, but quickly morphed into something targeting consensual adult sexual behavior.
So far, the bill has already passed the Senate. The state House can strike the bill down if enough outrage is expressed!
But Republican Senator Rick Jones says that he has no interest in striking this provision down, because it would “endanger animals” – even though this part of the bill does not address anything having to do with animals.
“The minute I cross that line and I start talking about the other stuff, I won’t even get another hearing. It’ll be done,” Rep. Jones said in an interview with The New Civil Rights Movement.
“Nobody wants to touch it. I would rather not even bring up the topic, because I know what would happen. You’d get both sides screaming and you end up with a big fight that’s not needed because it’s unconstitutional… If we could put a bill in that said anything that’s unconstitutional be removed from the legal books of Michigan, that’s probably something I could vote for, but am I going to mess up this dog bill that everybody wants? No.”
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(Article by M. David and Reagan Ali; image by #Op309 Media; h/t to The New Civil Rights Movement and The Free Thought Project)