Police Stand Back and Let KKK Members Go On Stabbing Rampage Against Protesters In California



The Ku Klux Klan rally at Anaheim’s Pearson Park, in California, turned into total chaos, as Klan members went on a stabbing spree against protesters.

Even though the police knew about the Klan rally in advance, and had been warned of the potential for violent altercations, there was no police presence at the scene, until after the stabbing spree was carried out against counter-protesters who came to call out the Klan hate rally.

As klansmen exited a black SUV, trying to unload and unfurl a “White Lives Matter” signs from the back, protesters swarmed the to voice their discontent with the racist group trying to intimidate Latinos and African Americans in Southern California.

But after the groups yelled a few insults at each other, one klansman decided to initiate violence against the protesters.

“He was using the American flag as a spear,” Tyler Valdez, an eye-witness who was at the park said.

“One [counter-protester] got hit on the side and started bleeding,” Israel Carrasco, another eye-witness, recounted.

Yet another protester was slashed with a knife behind the SUV while this was happening.

OC Weekly reports that he “bled profusely all over the sidewalk.”

The Klan stabbed three people in all, one with critical injuries. In the pandemonium, protesters smashed the front window of the Klan Klown Kar and slashed its rear tires.

The Klan Klown Kar sped off down Cypress Street and turned left on Lemon Street. The Klukker with the flag sporting a “Grand Dragon” shirt got left behind—could it have been Bill Quigg, the head of the Loyal White Knights of the KKK who whined we were mean to him? “He ended up falling on the ground getting kicked and punched by protesters,” Valdez added. “People started jumping in to try to break it up.” The Klansman’s flag laid crumpled in the middle of the street with blood stains all over it.

It was “only after all the mayhem at the park ended” that the Anaheim police patrol cars rolled up “to take control of the scene.”

They arrested two KKKers and hauled several protesters off in cuffs. The Klan Klown Kar stopped on the north side of the park by Lemon Street  and Sycamore Street with cops questioning Klukkers there. When the public information officer Sgt. Daron Wyatt spotted me, he asked if I had seen anything. I later tracked him down for any interview. He couldn’t give me details on the number of arrests and stabbings at the time, but I did ask where the visible police presence had been since I got to Pearson Park at 10 a.m..

“We’ve been here all day,” Wyatt claimed.” You know, Gabriel we don’t talk about our staffing and deployment, but we were here.”

Still, reporters from OC Weekly explain that they “didn’t see any uniformed police, even with children playing at the park on a sunny Saturday. And then the Klan came to town.”

It should be stressed that though the counter protesters verbally confronted the klansmen, physical violence was initiated by the Klan members, according to reporters from OC Weekly.

So that raises the question of why the police would stand back – whether they were there as they claim, or not – and allow this violent clash to occur?

Why do you think?

(Article by M. David and Reagan Ali)

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  1. I think the cops colluded the the kkk to ensure that violence would occur without interruption.

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