FBI Says People Who Questions Official 9/11 Story Are 'Potential Terrorists'


A memo released by the Department of Justice to local police warns that anyone who questions the official story about the terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001, should be regarded as “potential terrorists.”
The memo instructs local police, under a program named “communities against terrorism,” to regard those who hold to 9/11 “conspiracy theories” as potentially dangerous individuals who might engage in terrorism.
The memo says adds people who question the official narrative of the 9/11 Commission Report to a growing list of people the FBI regards as problematic and potential enemies of the state, including those who express “libertarian philosophies,” as well as people who have “Second Amendment-oriented views,” or simply an interest in “self-sufficiency.”
They note that these types of people often hold “fears of Big Brother or big government,” and make “declarations of Constitutional rights and civil liberties.”
All of these things, the FBI explained to local law enforcement agencies, could be red flags that someone is a terrorist.
This new classification of 9/11 “Truthers” or even those who are mildly skeptical of the official narrative is incredibly problematic, as a national poll indicates that a full 48% of Americans have some doubts about the official story, or completely reject it.
The polling firm YouGov, says that 38% of Americans “have some doubts about the official account of 9/11,” while 10% do not believe it at all, and 12% are unsure about it, according to Ralph Lopez of Digital Journal.
The FBI memo was entitled “Potential Indicators of Terrorist Activities Related to Sleepers.” It claims, “that people who should be ‘considered suspicious’ of possible involvement in ‘terrorist activity’ include those who hold the ‘attitude’ described as ‘Conspiracy theories about Westerners,'” Lopez reports.
The memo gives as an example, the theory that “the CIA arranged for 9/11 to legitimize the invasion of foreign lands.”
“Sleepers”, of course, refers to “sleeper cells,” which in intelligence lingo, means secret terrorists awaiting activation orders.
Digital Journal notes that the skepticism some have about the official 9/11 narrative is not without warrant or basis in historical precedence:

In 1998 it was declassified by the Pentagon that the Joint Chiefs of Staff had approved a plan, in 1962, to attack and kill US citizens to “provide justifications for US military intervention in Cuba.” The plan was code-named Operation Northwoods, the face page of the declassified document is below.
The plan was signed by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Lyman Lemnitzer. It was rejected by President John F. Kennedy, who demoted Lemnitzer.

The FBI memo was issued by the Department of Justice Assistance, which is an arm of the US Department of Justice.
The memo has been posted on a number of local law enforcement websites, such as the Columbus, Ohio, police department website.
“Among well-known doubters of the official 9/11 account are many military officers, law enforcement personnel, firefighters, and pilots, all working through affinity groups. One is US Army Major General Albert Stubblebine, who has said of the three buildings which fell on 9/11,” which Lopez quotes as saying they didn’t fall down because airplanes hit them. They fell down because of explosives went off inside. Demolition.

This September 11th a group of citizens, architects, and engineers, led by families of 9/11 victims, unveiled an international ad campaign questioning the official version of 9/11. The campaign is sponsoring signs and billboards around the world which ask the question: “Did you know a third tower fell on 9/11?”

The 9/11 issue has been actively pursued on the Internet, and largely excluded by the major media. However, news organizations such as Time have covered the architects and engineers billboard campaign, sponsored by a group called 2,000 Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.
Bloggers and other citizens have long argued that the science employed by the official story is impossible, and that the three towers must have been destroyed by some other means. As the FBI memo states, some argue that 9/11 was planned by a covert, relatively small but well-placed coup faction within the US government “to legitimize the invasion of foreign lands,” notably Iraq and the Middle East. In 2005 General Wesley Clark, former presidential candidate, said that he was given a copy of a memo by a ranking member of the Bush administration that revealed that war hawks in the Pentagon planned on attacking “seven countries in five years,” with Iraq only the beginning.

Back in 2009, there was something of an uproar when the Department of Homeland Security issued a report that described returning Iraq veterans as potential terrorists, as well.
Speaker of the House john Boehner actually was prompted by public outcry to denounce this characterization as “offensive.”
(Article by M. David and Reagan Ali)