Father Brutally Attacked and Arrested For Challenging Teacher About Not Letting Son Use Bathroom



A father was seriously injured after police attacked him for standing up for the rights of his second grade son at school.

The boy’s teacher had told him he was not allowed to use the restroom. As a result, the elementary school student soiled his pants all day.

The father confronted the teacher, in what he admits was an “angry” tone, but there was no reason for him to be attacked and apprehended by the police.

Still, in spite of the fact that he broke no laws, Vincent Nemorin was put in handcuffs after he dared to question the second grader’s teacher at PS 193 on Wednesday.

He believed the teacher needed to be held accountable for forcing his son to sit in feces for hours.

“We are just demanding basic health needs. Nothing extra. Children should never be restricted going to bathroom,” Yumi Nemorin, Vincent’s wife explained.

Police say the teacher told them she felt threatened, and so they “had to act.”

“His father approached a teacher just to verify why she didn’t let him use the bathroom. He gets arrested for asking a simple question. It’s not her against him, it’s her against us. Could’ve happened to any of our kids,” Stacia Gregorio, a parent said.

“We are afraid, we are very afraid. We can come to the school and any issue I’m up and if you’re going to go and address it, you were going to be arrested,” Maryam Genik, another parent explained.

Local ABC 7 News explains that “parents believe his arrest was retaliation because he demanded more resources for students from the principal.”

“We refuse to have a knucklehead principal with the help of the police coming into our communities treating us and our kids as future criminals,” Fritz Vilton, a parent said.

A spokesperson for the Department of Education said in a statement that “we take this allegation seriously, and are investigating the matter. Ensuring safe and supportive environments in all our schools is critical, and there is additional support being provided to the school to address parent concerns. We will continue to work with the school community to ensure the school is meeting their needs.”

Nemorin is now no longer allowed to drop his son off at school or pick him up until the matter is settled, due to a protection order placed against him by the police.

(Article by M. David and Jackson Marciana)

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