School Punishes Bullying Victim, Forces Family To Do Community Service



Last week, we received a report out of Ohio, regarding an incident at Yellow Springs High School, where a 10th grade student was suspended for three days after standing up to someone who the school had not stopped from bullying him for five years.

The 15-year-old sophomore “E.J.” had done what teachers told him, year after year, and refrained from getting physical with the bully.

For years the student was harassed, attacked, bullied and cyber bullied and even had his house vandalized by the bully. All the while the school did nothing. “E.J.’s” father, Mike, tells us that the school promised to separate the kids, and make sure they didn’t have the same classes. But the school quickly forgot about this pledge, and the bullying instances never stopped.

Finally, last Wednesday, the victim decided to stand up to the bully.

“He didn’t do it for himself. He did it because a middle school student – his younger brother – was being harassed by the very same bully,” Mike tells us.

School officials and teachers were no where to be found.

When the E.J. confronted him about the bullying of his little brother, the bully – in typical bully fashion – challenged “what are you going to do about it,” Mike said.

E.J. tells us he “snapped,” but he didn’t actually hit the bully at all. Instead, he charged towards him, “but the coward ran away.”

With his back turned to his victim, the bully was given a shove to his backpack, which though he remained standing, gave the bully the impulse to run away.

A teacher immediately emerged from the proverbial woodwork and promptly punished both E.J. and his younger brother, who had been the actual victim of the bullying this time, by sending them both to the principal’s office.

The bully himself was not suspended, or even told to apologize to the middle school student he was bullying. The heroic teen who came to the junior high school student’s aid was told by the school’s principal, Tim Krier, that he should take “anger management” classes.

In an effort to humiliate the heroic child’s entire family, the principal even said that if E.J. wants to avoid the full length of his suspension, his entire family would be required to participate in “community service.”

All this for standing up to a bully who was picking on a younger child.

This is the world we live in, but when we stand up to the bullies who work as school administrators, they often back down too, just like their playground counterparts.

Help TAKE A STAND! Call the school at (937) 767-7224, and send an email to Yellow Springs School Superintendent Mario Basora at [email protected] and principal Tim Krier at [email protected], to let them know how you feel about the school punishing this young man for standing up to bullying!

(Article by Zeidy David and S. Wooten)

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