No Punishment For Michigan Cops Who Beat Innocent UNARMED Black Teen Until He Was Brain Damaged



A Michigan police officer who brutally beat an African American teen’s head with a flashlight is not going to be punished.

This word comes after the unarmed teen filed a federal lawsuit against the officers involved in the beating, for violating his Fourth Amendment rights.

The unarmed, innocent teenager was cleared of all charges raised against him, but the Grand Rapids Police Department tells us those officers will not face any disciplinary action whatsoever.

It all happened around 9 p.m. on June 13, 2014. That’s when Donovann Austin Braswell was innocently hanging out with his friends.

The police came through, saying they were looking for an armed suspect. They told the five African American teens to stay where they were – even though they had committed no crime and there was no reasonable suspicion that they had.

Braswell and two of the youths ran away – realizing they had committed no crime and that the police had no legal right to detain them since they had given no indication that they might have.

Grand Rapids Officer Sean McCamman grabbed the 15-year-old and slammed him to the ground. Then he beat him over and over with a flashlight until he was eventually physically and mentally disabled.

Finally, the flashlight broke from repeated impacts with the teen’s skull. That’s when McCamman traded fists, as officers Nathan Mead and Peter Thompson stood by, refusing to stop him.

Kent County Circuit Judge Kathleen Feeney dismissed the charge of resisting arrest, acknowledging that the police had no legal right to try to detain him in the first place.

Now Braswell has severe headaches, muscle spasms, nausea, vomiting, and speech problems, and has not been able to graduate on time or play sports.

“My son’s injuries are so severe that he will never fully heal mentally, physically, or emotionally,” Braswell’s mother, Natalie Thompson said. “He, myself, and our family are devastated by the abusive beating that a minor child endured. The officers involved have no concept of the severity of their actions. No one is above the law. We are all accountable for our actions.”

“It is really disturbing what they go through as black youths in the city of Grand Rapids,” Braswell’s attorney, Keeley Heath said to the local The Grand Rapids Press as well as MLive, last week.

Heath added that Braswell “didn’t fit the description other than being black” and additionally “was absolutely within his rights to walk away.”

Help SPREAD THE WORD about this case. Right now the Grand Rapids Police Department is just hoping and praying that this will go away, and the mainstream media won’t get wind of it. Let’s spread this FAR AND WIDE to make sure this is story is HEADLINE NEWS!

(Article by M. David Shante Wooten)


  1. How does this in anyone’s eyes seem right, to beat this kid in his head till the flash light break and we all know those light are well made so hitting him once is one time to many. These days you always see reports about the different ways you can have brain damaged, falling off you bike, hitting your head, car wreck, blows to the head from someones hands, and now a flashlight he knows better. I’d sue the f. out of everyone involved and I’d have a well known black lawyer are lawyers willing to go all the way.

  2. “…Braswell and two of the youths ran away – realizing they had committed no crime…”

    Anyone who doesn’t see the irony in that statement will never understand what legal backing police have in an active investigation and will always get their skulls bashed in every time they flee a scene when police have instructed you to stop.

    If you did nothing illegal, the fleeing the scene is an act of stupidity and you deserve what happens next.

    • I wanna make sure I understand you before I call you a fool. So you’re saying a person who is not armed and is posing no physical threat to an officer (guilty or not) deserves to be beaten over the head with a flashlight? You’re a fool.

  3. I believe in a beating for a beating, a taser for a taser and a bullet for a bullet. Maybe if we do that, this rampant terrorism on our streets will stop.

    Remember, we are the many, they are the few. Enough is enough!
    #disarmthepolice #policebrutality #enoughisenough #notahero #policestate #jailthepolice

  4. Leopard men needed…

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