Leaked Emails Show Government Officials Making Fun of Poisoned Flint Residents



It was bad enough that the City of Flint Michigan knowingly allowed residents to be poisoned by government-controlled, lead-poisoned water. But to add insult to literal injury, Michigan’s Republican Governor Rick Snyder has just been exposed mocking residents for being poisoned by the government.

In an attempt to exonerate himself from the negligence that led to the massive water poisoning crisis in Flint, Snyder released a ton of emails that he hoped would clear things up.

But he failed to realize that there were some emails that would prove even further damning.

A total of 294 pages of Snyder’s emails were released, though most key ones were heavily redacted.

The emails do reveal, however, that the decision to force residents to pay for poisoned water from the city was done with the hopes of politicians saving $5 million dollars, in order to fund corporate handouts.

Such shortcuts resulted in the city water supply simply having chlorine added to it after “coliform and fecal coliform bacterium” were found in it.

The Snyder administration was also caught in the emails belittling the residents who complained about their disgusting, poisoned water. They jokingly referred to the water pollution as “initial hiccups” and said residents were merely whining about the “aesthetics” of the water.

Snyder’s Chief of Staff notes, “I can’t figure out why the state is responsible except that [State Treasurer] Dillon did make the ultimate decision so we’re not able to avoid the subject.”

Environmental Protection Agency expert, Miguel Del Toral, notes that “the state was testing the water in a way that could profoundly understate the lead levels.” But as so often happens with the EPA, payoffs occur, and huge polluters are rarely the targets of agency.

If the government is going to monopolize how and where we get our resources from, shouldn’t they be held accountable for poisoning those resources, and poisoning us? With all the people being arrested for victimless crimes – in Michigan and across the nation – why has no one in the government been arrested or held accountable for poisoning the people of Flint?

(Article by Jackson Marciana and M. David; image by #Op309 Media)

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