‘Corrupt Cops Will Kill Me This Weekend’ Police Brutality Protester Predicts Before Being Killed



A police brutality protester who said that police were going to kill him was found stabbed, with his murdered body burned, just days later.

Firefighters were called to John Lang’s Fresno, California home this week, where he was found murdered, with the house set on fire in an apparent effort to conceal forensic evidence tied to the killing.

The police accountability activist had warned people via Facebook that he would in fact be killed shortly, and that the culprits would be none other than rogue cops working for the Frenso Police Department who had made threats against him. 

On January 14, he posted the following ominous warning to his Facebook page.

He said, “Just wanted to give you guys the heads up.

“If anything happens to me in the next day or two it will be the result of Fresno PD, my neighbor and employee at my job Payless Brakes and Tires.”

The very next day, he sent a similar warning to local reporter Corin Hogarth, begging him to investigate and potentially save his life from the corrupt cops who were targeting him.

“Corin, you want some news? Corrupt Fresno cops are going to try and kiss me this weekend, possibly tonight. This is no joke.”

A picture of a man hanging around his house was posted to Facebook as well, and John warned, “if I turn up missing or dead tomorrow remember this Van.

“I think I seen a couple of guys sneak out the side door and into the building when it was parked in the carport this afternoon.

“I’ve been causing the City of Fresno a lot of problems recently which I now regret.”


Neighbor Tamara Olivarria said, “He just got those lights fixed and the gate is locked so I’m not sure how anyone would have got in even, but it’s kind of scary.”

Another of his neighbors, Theresa Fuentes said that “If it’s a random thing, that makes it much scarier because the neighborhood is getting better, we thought.”


What do you think? Was this a random act of violence, or did John know what was coming and who it was coming from?

(Article by M. David and Jackson Marciana)

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