Two Cops ‘Accidentally’ Fire 27 Rounds at Mother Who Lives With Them



Las Vegas police recently announced that there would be no charges filed against two members of the law enforcement community who recently gunned down a mother who was living with them.

That female family member was shot at no less than 27 times, but the off-duty officer and her husband, who is in the police academy, said that it was all an “accident.”

Local KTNV reported on the incident, saying that the Las Vegas police officer and her husband claimed they were asleep on Christmas night. That’s when they said they heard the female family member come home “unexpectedly” at approximately 11:30 pm.

So what did they do?

The law enforcement couple says that they “accidentally” fired 27 rounds at their relative.

The mere presence of someone in their house made them believe that unloading their pistols on the woman was legitimate and legal. In reality, a person could have been drunk and snuck into the wrong house, or they could simply be someone who was authorized to be there in the first place – as in this case.

The presence of someone on or in your property is not legal grounds to shoot them, as there could be any number of reasons for them to be there – accidentally or otherwise. If they are not actively threatening you with serious physical harm or threat to your life, it is not legal to shoot them.

The female relative suffered non-life threatening injuries, however, and was taken to a nearby hospital according to local KTNV.

All we have been told by local police is that the victim is the mother of one of the members of law enforcement who lived there.

North Las Vegas police said no charges will be filed and there is no further investigation expected.

Watch the report below from local KTNV…

(Article by M. David and Jackson Marciana; image via Shutterstock; h/t to Raw Story)

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