Father Bursts Into Tears Describing How Chicago Police Killed His Son Who Needed Help


There is perhaps no greater spotlight of the pain that police brutality has on individual families than the pain of the parents who have lost their loved ones to police violence.
Recently Antonio LeGrier, the father of a 19-year-old man gunned down by police over the weekend, showed that pain to the world during an interview with CNN on Tuesday.
LeGrier broke down recounting the death of his son on Saturday. That’s when Chicago police shot and killed Quintonio, following a 911 plee from Antonio to help with a mental issue the teen was having.
CNN host Brooke Baldwin asked LeGrier a series of questions about the murder by police LeGrier struggled to keep his composure but his pain spilled over.
“This just doesn’t feel right,” the CNN host said before cutting to a commercial break – noting the extreme pain the man was going through. While that pain helps us all see just what the police do to destroy the families of their victims, it was still very recent and something that the host noted should be private.
But LeGrier wanted to go on.
When the show resumed, he had composed himself, but it was only minutes before the pain caused by the Chicago police took over again.  noted before cutting to a commercial break.
“I’m doing this interview and the lawsuit so no one can just walk away and sweep it under the rug,” he explained to the host and viewers. “Because my son’s life will not be in vain. I need the nation to know that I, Antonio LeGrier, father of Quintonio LeGrier, raised a good son.”
“I want to be the first one to say, I am now his voice! I’m his voice,” LeGrier continued. “I’m all he’s got to tell his story.”
“I think Antonio has had enough,” LeGrier’s attorney added to the host.
“I think he has,” she agreed.
LeGrier does not want you to look away from his pain. Watch the video from CNN below and pass it on to help SPREAD THE WORD about what the police did to his son!

(Article by M. David and S. Wooten)