White Protesters Form Human Shield To Protect Black Protesters From Police

Activism, Police Brutality

Recently, a large group of white student protesters stepped to the front of a rally and formed a human shield to protect black protesters from the police.
The rally took place in South Africa, where police officers had previously used brutal force against the predominantly black demonstrators who turned out to peacefully protest rising university fees.
The news source, News Channel Africa, said that the protest was a part of the #FeesMustFall movement. The demonstrators were simply asking for college fees to stop increasing.
But Monday afternoon, Eurweb reports that when students from Rhodes University turned out to support their fellow students at the Eastcape Midlands College (EMC).

The Rhodes’ independent publication, Activate reports that, “Rhodes students united with the EMC protesters with the hopes of discouraging use of unnecessary force by the police. According to an eyewitness, tensions rose when protesters were chanting at the police to leave, and the police responded by driving towards the crowd in an attempt to disperse the protesters.” They added that, “gates at EMC were closed to prevent students from entering the premises. The eyewitness explained that a man attempted to climb over the gate resulting in SAPS firing what was initially thought to be rubber bullets into the crowd. However, SAPS have since stated that stun grenades were the only weapons used against the protesters.” The Twitter for the #RhodesMustFall movement, says that white protesters were called upon to form a shield around black protesters, to hopefully influence police not to beat them. The approach seemed to work. Take a look in the video below…

Eurweb notes that “no further rubber bullets or stun grenades were fired. Whether or not the police would have used force, had white students not stood in the way, will forever remain a mystery.”

Check out some of the social media commentary on this historic even that the mainstream media is ignoring…

This HISTORIC MOMENT is not being covered by the ‪mainstream media‬.
Why is that? Could it be that they LOVE to see BLACK AND WHITE DIVIDED, because they know TOGETHER the police have to deal with THE PEOPLE UNITED!
(Article by M. David and Shante Wooten)