Teacher Shows A Better Way To Deal With A Difficult Student Than Police Brutality



A recent post made to Twitter on Thursday demonstrated how the police and teacher at Spring Valley High could have dealt with an uncompliant student without resorting to the sort of police brutality and violence that was caught on video this week.

The incident at Spring Valley High School captured the disturbing actions of a “school safety” officer who violently attacked an African American teenage black girl. The video instantly went viral, evoking widespread outrage.

Twitter user by Damito Jo (@kiaspeakes) wrote about a better way.

“A former co-worker just shared this,” Damita Jo commented. “This is how good teachers respond to what happened at #springvalleyhigh.”

The tweet, screen captured from a Facebook post said:

About 90 minutes ago, I was observed by my principal. A student had his phone out, I asked him quietly to put it away. He told me he couldn’t. I immediately thought about “the situation.” I asked him if he was ok, he told me no and burst into tears. He walked out of the room, I contemplated following him. I was being observed after all. I followed my heart though. The young man’s brother was killed last night. I told him to write me a letter and express all his pain and use whatever words he wanted to express. He did it and I wrote back. It took me two minutes. When he walked out today, he said “I love you, Mrs. Turner-Swift. Thanks for listening to me.” I really only gave him maybe five minutes of my time. That’s all he needed; that’s why I teach!

What do you think? Is there any justification for how the school cop reacted to the teenage girl in that classroom? Is this a better way that the situation could have been handled?

(Article by Jackson Marciana; h/t to Raw Story)

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