School Tells Black Fifth-Graders To ‘Sit With White Kids’ Or They’ll Look Like A ‘Gang In The Hood’

Race and Ethnicity


A New York elementary school is in hot water after African American fifth-graders were told to “sit with white kids” or else they will look like a “gang in the hood.”

The statement was made by an employee at the upstate New York school, which is now under investigation by the school district.

The employee has not been identified, nor has her position. She has only been noted as  a member of the Catskill Elementary staff, according to the Catskill Daily Mail.

The children were not trying to exclude their Caucasian classmates. Instead, the fifth-graders explain that they had simply asked to sit together because they were all in the school’s student safety patrol together. Ethnicity had no factor in their decision to sit together – common interests did.
But for the staff, all they could see was race – and the imagined exclusion of Caucasian students.
Celeste Jordan, one of the children’s parents, told The Daily Mail, that nearly all of the safety patrol students are African American.

Jordan explained that she was disturbed and saddened when she heard about the incident.

She complained to school officials, but all they would tell her was that the situation was “being handled.”

The staff member has not even been placed on administrative leave, Jordan says.

Just seeing her at school upsets her daughters, she says. Her daughter now feels like “her white friends [won’t] still like her,” after word got around that she was supposedly “excluding” them.

Catskill Superintendent of Schools Kathleen Farrell says that they are close to concluding their investigation.

“The building administrators have met with all the students and the parents, and the students were also provided with social worker and guidance staff counseling,” Farrell said.

So far, that’s all they are saying – and all they are doing. Apparently this is the sort of treatment the Catskill Elementary School thinks African American children are to be subjected to.

This is what systemic racism looks like.

(Article by S. Wooten and M. David)

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