Protesters SHUT DOWN Rikers Island Prison



HAPPENING NOW! Anti-police brutality protesters have swarmed the entrance of the notorious Rikers Island Prison, demanding an end to police terror and institutionalized torture and terrorism within the prison.

The protesters assembled under the banner of “STOPPING Police Terror,” with signs that asked “Which Side Are You On?”

This morning’s “Shut Down Rikers” protest is aimed against the city’s notorious prison, which has been plagued by police violence, brutality as well as sexual abuse.

Chanting “Rikers Rikers crimes against humanity!” and other protest songs, the activists swarmed the area. Within minutes they had successfully blocked the gates of the massive prison.

So far, only a handful of arrests have followed…

This is all part of #RiseUpOctober in New York. The three-day protest started on Thursday morning with a “Say Their Names” demonstration. That rally saw hundreds gather in midtown Manhattan. Relatives of the slain victims of police brutality and murder spoke out about the loss they have suffered, and the justice they have yet to see for their dead loved ones. The rally was organized by the Stop Mass Incarceration Network, along with Carl Dix of the Revolutionary Communist Party, as well as author, scholar and activist Dr. Cornel West. Those who put the protest together said that the effort was to take a stand again “mass determined resistance” to a “matrix of oppression.” The main event of the three day protest is still scheduled for Saturday, October 24, with an 11 a.m. rally. That will start in lower Manhattan’s Washington Square Park, and will continue as a march to Bryant Park in midtown.

(Article by S. Wooten)

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