Police Set Up ROADBLOCKS To Stop Medical Marijuana Customers

Police Brutality

A Warren, Michigan lawyer just filed a lawsuit Monday on behalf of 23 state-approved medical-marijuana users who have been systematically harassed and ticketed by Warren police while trying to legally purchase medical marijuana.
The Detroit Free Press notes that the lawsuit, which was filed in Macomb Circuit Court by attorney Michael Greiner, states that Warren zoning officials, Police Commissioner Jere Green and Mayor Jim Fouts all worked together to shut down a medical marijuana transfer center.
That clinic — the Michigan Safe Transfer Center at 29601 Hoover — was located in an area designated for a medical office, which should have protected it from such police abuses. But in spite of the law, the police raided and confiscated the owner’s property, and all without a search warrant.
The lawsuit also notes that just this year, on September 17 and 18, police stopped each and every car leaving the transfer center. The officers then questioned drivers about their legal purchases, in what was clearly an illegal roadblock accompanied by illegal searches.
“We’re not a walk-in clinic — that’s why you can’t call us a dispensary,” Greiner’s business partner, Bryan Mazurkiewicz said of the facilities.
The lawsuit alleges that medical-marijuana users, the plaintiffs to Monday’s legal case,  “have suffered embarrassment, humiliation, stress, fear, nightmares, loss of income and physical pain as a result of their inability to get needed medicine.”
Bryan Mazurkiewicz and Greiner both opened Michigan Safe Transfer Center about eight months ago, strictly making sure that everything they do is “absolutely according to state law,” Mazurkiewicz explained.
“Everything’s locked, the paperwork is all there — stating whose plants they are — and no one has more marijuana than they’re allowed to have,” he added.
“At one time, we had about 100 caregivers operating out of here, but now we’re down to 14 after all the trouble we’ve had with the city,” Mazurkiewicz noted.
“We’ve been trying to work with the city,” Greiner said.
“We’ve been dealing with the building department, the city law department, the zoning department, the mayor. I actually talked to him on the phone a couple of weeks ago,” Greiner continued.
The lawsuit says that the police and officials tried to shut down the legally-operated Michigan Safe Transfer Center and conducted illegal raids, stops and searches without warrants or even probable cause.
(Article by M. David and Reagan Ali)