Bigot Police Chief Says Muslim Refugees Are Bad Because They Don’t Act European

Race and Ethnicity


In the wake of an influx of Muslim refugees fleeing the Syria war zone, one police commissioner has weighed in, saying she is none too pleased with the new faces she is seeing.

Tania Kambouri, a Greek-born immigrant herself, has written of her experiences and her role as a police chief in a new book, according to Die Welt. In that book, she shouts down accepting people of other cultures, and says that all immigrants must abandon their previous cultures, and completely assimilate into their surrounding societies… that, or they should get out.

“It’s not a blanket condemnation, and certainly not racially prejudiced, on grounds of origin or of faith, but it is simply a fact that some populations are over-represented in certain behavioral characteristics and crimes” the police chief claims.

She adds that refugees show the police a “general disrespect” and “disrespect of fundamental law and human rights.”

She calls anyone who wants to take refugees in, without requiring them to act like Europeans culturally, “romantic followers, uncritical of multiculturalism” who are concerned with not being guilty of “Islamophobia and xenophobia” – something which does not concern her in the least.

“Multiculturalism harbours too many risks,” the xenophobic top cop writes. “Cultural influences, religious beliefs, inherited traditions are sometimes simply incompatible. This is not a right-wing populism, but common sense”.

In spite of her claim that her bigoted words are not based on someone’s national origin or ethnicity, her words tell quite a different story. She singles out Muslim men – the majority of those migrating from the Middle East and  into Europe.

“People from this culture, whether they are Turks, Kurds, Lebanese, Tunisians and other nationalities, [find it] remarkably difficult to integrate into Germany.”

She’s now entering her 12th year in what she describes as a “dream job”.

(Article by M. David and M.A. Hussein)

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