Florida SWAT Team Stopped Seven Hour ARMED Stand-Off To Allow Couple To Finish Having Sex

Police Brutality

Police in Florida have a lot of activists asking whether “White Privilege” led to a SWAT team backing off of a seven-hour-long stand off to let the suspects have sex.
The stand off took place in a trailer park in Florida. The suspects said that they refused to give up because they wanted to have sex.
The local Florida Times-Union reports that the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office showed up at 9:30pm to serve an arrest warrant for Ryan Patrick Bautista. Bautista is a felon who was wanted on several additional outstanding warrants.
Many of the charges and warrants raised against him were serious and violent in nature, including armed burglary.
Bautista and Leanne Hunn refused to come out and hand themselves over to the police. They barricaded themselves inside the trailer and threatened police. Local News4Jax explains that they were armed, but no specific confirmation from this has yet come down from the police department.
The Times-Union noted that with the couple was Michael V. Forte, who was wanted in connection with a fatal shooting last month.
One of the residents of the trailer was “dragged… to a back bedroom” where the couple “held her down.”
When the SWAT team called the couple, Hunn said she would give up but first “she wanted to have sex with Bautista one last time.”
Forte, Bautista and Hunn were arrested around 4:30am. Forte is facing charges of murder, armed robbery with a firearm or other deadly weapon and possession of a weapon by a felon. Both Hunn and Bautista have been charged with resisting arrest without violence and false imprisonment.
These suspects were armed and had very violent criminal histories in a stand off with the police. So why do police so often shoot innocent, unarmed people – who have committed no actual crimes – and they let these three call the shots without a single round being fired at them? Was race a factor? Was privilege at play? What do you think?
(Article by M. David and S. Wooten)