Israeli Military and Police Sites Hacked After Government Tells Snipers To Shoot Child Protesters

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The State of Israel has just approved the use of snipers against protesters as young as 11-years-old who are observed by the police state apparatus throwing rocks at the invading, occupation forces.
Jerusalem, Channel 10 reported on Thursday morning that Palestinians in the West Bank who pick up a rock to throw at the Israel Occupation Forces will be shot and killed by snipers.
Now, Anonymous hacktivists from Red Cult have once again responded by decimating the Israeli government, military and police websites.
In addition to authorizing sniping children, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also asked the Attorney General to sign off on the arrest of children as young as 5-years-old who pick up stones in their own Palestinian Territories.
Anonymous Red Cult contacted us today to tell us that their massive hack of the Israeli government is in direct response to this disturbing move by the State.
“It is the Snipers Fire against Stone-Throwers!” they wrote. “This is the formula which was set up by Israel today, the formula that gives the Israelis the power to kill a voice with a bullet, to poke an eye with a skewer, a formula that we Anonymous’s RedCult will not keep silent towards!”
They added that “amid the disgraceful silence of the world leaders towards all the crimes committed by Israel, we decided to remind the Israeli Government that we do not forgive and we do not forget… keep expecting us.”
Check out the massive list of sites Red Cult has taken down so far…

“We will keep reminding the world of the war-crimes israel is committing and the world leaders keep on covering it up,” our contacts with Red Cult told us. “Both RedCult’s hacktivists and activists will make sure no crime will be committed unpunished and unexposed.”
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(Article by Zeidy David; image via #Op309 Media)