One Year Without Justice For Man Shot by Police For Wearing ‘Cosplay’ Outfit

Police Brutality


Today, Darrien Hunt’s brother walked the path his brother walked one year ago, when police shot him dead for his “cosplay” outfit. Darrien’s brother wore the same outfit, and carried the same sword, in memory of his murdered brother.

Darrien’s mother says that she recently turned down an monetary offer for a settlement from the city that would have settled the wrongful death case for $900,000, but would have required her to never speak a word about his murder again.

Susan Hunt explained to local reporters in Saratoga Springs, that the city offered her the settlement including the “hush clause,” but she knew “that’s not going to clear his name. I could not, in good conscience, agree to that.”

Susan has obtained representation by the law firm of Johnnie Cochran to pursue a hefty civil suit against the Saratoga Springs Police Department.

While Darrien’s brother marched in his slain brother’s footsteps, mourners honored Hunt with a memorial to “walk the path of his final steps.”

Both his brother and the marchers who followed him gathered at the site where Darrien was fatally shot by police.

Hunt, 22, was wearing a “cosplay” outfit on his way to a job interview at Panda Express. He was dressed as a Japanese cartoon character, carrying an ornamental Samurai sword when officers shot him on Sept. 10, 2014.

Prosecutors originally said that Hunt swung the sword at the Saratoga Springs police officers, particularly Cpl. Matthew Schauerhamer and Officer Nicholas Judson. But a video from a local business proved this was not the case, and that Hunt was actually running away for his life when the officers shot him six times.

Several dozen protesters turned out Thursday for the walk. They wrote notes on cards and tied them to balloons which were then released in commemoration.

Susan Hunt walked arm in arm with Kerahn Hunt as well as her sister Cindy Moss, at the spot where Darrien was killed.

Help SPREAD THE WORD about Darrien Hunt to help keep his memory alive and demand ‪police accountability now‬!

(Article by M. David; image via #Op309 Media)

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