Masked Police Steal Baby, Slam Man To The Ground, Rob Him When He Asked Where They Were Taking Baby

Police Brutality

In Sanford, Florida, the city where Trayvon Martin was shot and killed. Masked police swarmed an African American block, kidnapped a child, and then arrested and robbed the uncle of the little girl when he asked them where they were taking the baby, and if he could take her, since he was her uncle.
A video was recently sent to us showing the lengthy ordeal – over 25 minutes in length from start to finish. It clearly shows masked deputies slamming the man to the ground even though he had committed no crime whatsoever.
Lieutenant Tracy Fortberry, with the Seminal County Sheriff’s Office, badge number 1102, stood by the arrest, suggesting that his “tone” was wrong in how he asked for his niece.
Police searched the man, ripping clothes that they claimed were too nice for anyone but a drug dealer. He explained he had receipts for the clothes, had just bought them and was a local recording artist – thus accounting for his money.
But all of these were answers he should have never been required to give. Being a well-dressed African American man is not probable cause.
The police found several hundred dollars on his person. He also explained that he had the money because he was there to shoot a music video. The cameraman was in fact the person who recorded the ordeal. The money he had with him was to pay people involved in the music video shoot.
Again, he never should have had to answer any question related to this.
Watch the video below and tell us if you think the treatment of these masked deputies, dressed like they just stepped out of an ISIS video, is in any way morally or legally justified.

The cameraman who uploaded the video, relayed the following about the incident:
“Let me take the time out to explain to you guys what happened in this video. From the start there was an incident that happened before I arrived and started recording. There was a guy who sold something to an undercover officer.”
He makes it clear that this “happened to be neither of the guys in the video.”
Brandon Jackson, the first man who was arrested, was in the white shirt and had been “recording the guy getting arrested with his camera phone.” Neither of those who were initially the target of the police arrest are highlighted in this video, though they appear to be victims of the so-called “War on Drugs”.
The cameraman continues, saying “as I’m pulling up in the car with Daniel Jackson in the yellow shorts they slam Brandon Jackson (white shirt) to the ground. That is when my camera starts rolling.”
The cameraman acknowledges that he missed “the part where Brandon Jackson gets mistreated and slammed to the ground also.” He continues, saying that the car in the video was Brandon Jackson’s car and his mother was standing and watching his baby in the car inside her car seat.”
The baby was only a few months old. The police come and say that they are going to take the child. The grandmother of the baby yells “No!”
“The officer says to get the baby,” the man recording the video tells us.
The woman in the white is the babies aunt. She asked the police to get the baby to give to her, as a family member. The officer “completely disregard her and her request for the child.”
So, that’s when Daniel (in the yellow shorts) turned around and sees the police officer trying to walk off with the baby – his niece.
“You hear him tell the police to give him the baby, instead of taking her away.
That’s when the police get violent, slam him to the ground, refuse to read him his rights, accuse him of being a drug dealer and even rob him – essentially at gun point – of the hard-earned money that was in his possession.
If you believe this is unacceptable, contact the Seminal County Sheriff’s Office and DEMAND that all charges be dropped, and that an apology be given to this family for the mistreatment they were forced to undergo. DEMAND that all officers in the video be identified and reprimanded.
100 Bush Blvd, Sanford, FL 32773
(407) 665-6600
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(Article by M. David and Shante Wooten)