‘Good Cop’ Punished for Stepping in to Stop Fellow Cops From Beating a Mentally Ill Man

Police Brutality


There is a common idiom that goes like this, “Not all cops are bad.” Our reply to this phrase is usually along the lines of this…

“If not all cops are bad, why don’t the good ones prevent the bad ones from causing so much harm?”

Well here is an example of just that.

Some jackboot cops were beating up on a mentally ill man, when a ‘good cop’ stepped in.

If there were more cops like Officer Tasca, we may not be witnessing the exponential expansion of such a violent police state.

But this type of police officer is not common, which is why Officer Regina Tasca was punished for this intervention.

(Article by Matt Agorist; from The Free Thought Project; paragraph and quotation edits made by #Op309 Media)

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