Anonymous Takes Back The City From Cincinnati Killer Cops

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Hundreds of protesters, most wearing the emblematic Guy Fawkes masks from the movie V For Vendetta, swarmed the streets of Cincinnati, Ohio Saturday evening demanding “Police Accountability Now”. The activists marched from the University of Cincinnati Police Department, to the block where Sam DuBose was gunned down in cold blood by Officer Ray Tensing, and on to the University business district.
Demonstrators marched through the streets Saturday evening, calling for justice for the families of Sam DuBose, John Crawford, Tamir Rice, Samantha Ramsey and all victims of police brutality and violence.
All four of these victims of police brutality and murder were killed in the Ohio area. Samantha was killed just over the state lines with Kentucky. Tamir, a 12-year-old boy, was shot within a mere second of a police officer pulled up to a Cleveland park where he was playing with a toy BB-gun. John was also gunned down while holding a BB-gun that he picked up off the shelf of a Beavercreek Walmart. Sam was killed simply because a University of Cincinnati police officer “thought” he “might” drive away.
The protesters in Saturday’s march said that none of these victims should have ever been killed.
“A part of me is gone. A part of me is missing, and I’m still trying to figure out how to get it back,” Kimberly Thomas, a friend of Sam DuBose, said.
“They need to review the University of Cincinnati police force, their patterns, their practices their policies regarding such instances such as police stops.”
Demonstrators marched from UC’s campus police department to Rice Street where DuBose was murdered by Officer Ray Tensing. Tensing is now free on bail, which was set unusually low for someone facing such serious charges.
Once they returned, the marched to the Clifton business district. As soon as they did, the Cincinnati Police swarmed them, arresting them for legally walking in the street, and arresting journalists who filmed the unlawful arrests.
Walking in the street is not itself a crime if walking on the sidewalk is “impractical”, as long as one is not blocking traffic. As evidenced by numerous videos of the protest, police cars were still driving through the crowd with no obstruction. Several protesters were filmed asking police which side of the one way street they would like for them to walk on. One officer instructed that it should be the left side (see below for video).

The Ohio Revised Code 4511.50 section on “Pedestrian walking in roadway” explains that if there is a sidewalk, pedestrians should utilize it, if “its use is practicable”. Practicable is defined as “able to be done or put into practice successfully.”
But in the business district by the University of Cincinnati, a large group of people walking on the sidewalk is anything but “practicable” when there were so many people on the sidewalks shopping.
Ironically, the police charged peaceful protesters with “obstruction of business”, proving that they are really here to serve the profits of business, rather than honoring the Constitutional right to freedom of speech and assembly. The protesters were in fact trying not to obstruct business, by walking at a fast pace in the streets – in compliance with the Ohio Revised Code.
Police, however, tried to invent new laws on the fly, even telling journalists and protesters that they were not allowed to cross the streets on cross walks and must remain on whatever sidewalk they were on.
Watch the video below of two journalists and two additional protesters being arrested. A journalist from Counter Current News, who was at the protest, immediately posted bail for them, as soon as they were processed at the Cincinnati “Justice” Center.
Watch the footage of the police silencing legal, peaceful protesters.

Awakened Cincinnati and #OpJohnCrawford organizers tell us that the police have just stirred up a hornets nest, and that they should “Expect Us” next week, the same place, same time. Stay tuned, we’ll keep you posted on what’s next for the Cincinnati Police.
Watch the retrospective video on the protest and how police initiated violence, in the video below. Then help us SPREAD THE WORD!

#UnitedMarchForJustice Protest in Cincinnati UNITES the PEOPLE! Police respond to PEACEFUL march with VIOLENCE and…
Posted by Counter Current News on Monday, September 21, 2015

(Article by M. David; image by Jordan Freshour, one of the journalists arrested for filming the police and taking these (and other) pictures of the protest; video by Taylor Dorrell)