Police Raid Man’s Home WITHOUT A WARRANT After He Criticized Them On Facebook

Police Brutality


Just weeks ago we reported on the bizarre case of a police officer who seemed to be stalking a man who was standing in his own driveway. That man began filming the officer, who was circling around his block, in an obvious attempt to intimidate and harass. The officer then freaked out and actually drew his gun on the man, who had done nothing illegal whatsoever.

After the man posted the video to Facebook, along with statements criticizing the officer, police from the same department showed up to raid his house!

Watch the incident in the original video below…

Greg Del Secco explains that only two weeks ago the Rohnert Park Police were at his door – first thing in the morning – unannounced to raid him, even though he had committed no crime.

Here Del Secco’s summary of the events…


The officers cuffed the homeowner, and made him sit outside, in front of his neighbors, to be humiliated while police searched his house without a warrant!

The officers say that they received a 911 call that someone on the block “heard a woman screaming” from his house.

Police Chief Steve Masterson was asked to release the audio of that alleged 911 call. He refused.

Del Secco told local KTVU News that he believes he was targeted by the police because of the critical video and comments he made of them on Facebook.

Watch the local report below…

What do you think? Is Del Secco right? Did the police target him? Or is this all just a bizarre coincidence?

(Article by Jackson Marciana; image via KTVU video screenshot and screencap via Facebook from Addicting Info; h/t Addicting Info)

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