Palestinian Women and Children Fight Off Israeli Soldier Who Tried To Arrest 12-Year-Old



An Israeli soldier thought he was going to arrest a 12-year-old Palestinian boy, who he says he “thought was an adult.” But in the course of this attempted detention, a group of women and children from the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh swarmed the soldier on Friday.

The IDF says that the little boy was throwing stones at the occupying army. But this default justification for arresting children has fallen on deaf ears, in Palestine and worldwide.

Watch the video of the incident below…

The IDF says that the soldier was “lightly wounded” as a result of women and children intervening to stop his arrest of the minor.

After seeing the ordeal, the commander in the area said the soldier should release the boy.


The 12-year-old boy in the video clearly even had his arm in a cast at the time of his attempted arrest.

The Israeli news source Ha’Aretz reports that Jonathan Pollak, a pro-Palestinian Jewish activist present at the protest, “said that the boy did not throw stones and that the IDF force, which was in an abandoned building before approaching to detain the boy, could see he was a minor.”


Conversely, Pollak told Ha’Aretz that “the soldier pointed his gun at the boy when he was detaining him.”


The Israeli army spokesman said only that “a violent disturbance of the peace in Nabi Saleh, in which Palestinians threw stones at IDF forces that were in the place. The youth who was photographed was identified by the lookout force as a stone-thrower, and because of this it was decided to detain him. At the time of the arrest, a violent provocation by a number of Palestinians developed, including women and children. In light of the violent altercation, the commander decided to not to go ahead with the detention.”

Do you think this sort of violence against this child was justified?

(Article by M. David)

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