Autopsy Reveals Police Crushed Man’s Throat When He Asked Them For Help

Police Brutality


The death of a man named Joseph Hutcheson at a jail lobby has been determined to have been caused in part by sheriff’s deputies and their brutal methods of restraining him. Those methods included grinding one officer’s knee into his throat to the point that his throat and related organs were literally crushed.

Hutcheson had just left a hospital, even though doctors had advised him not to, and it seems that whatever he was being kept there for was indeed still an issue. Realizing that he should not have left, Hutcheson, 48, pulled over to the first building he could find where he apparently thought help could be administered. Instead of helping him, however, a newly-released video shows Dallas County Sheriff’s deputies tackling him to the ground.

It was only minutes after deputies piled on the injured, disoriented and incoherent Hutcheson, that he was dead at the scene.

Minutes later, Hutcheson was dead.

Local WFAA reports that in the video it is clear Hutcheson is “not well.”

The video documents him “limping around” right before a deputy grabs him and slams him to the ground.

Still Hutcheson is calm, perhaps still a bit sedated from medication. His hands remain by his sides.

“My brother needed help,” James Hutcheson, said in an interview with WFAA. “You treat some people like they have a medical emergency, not everybody like a criminal. I can tell you that he wasn’t going to hurt anybody.”

Hutcheson staggered into the lobby, and as he came to a bench, people scattered out of his way. Then when he is taken down by one deputy, two others join in, pile on him, and smash him face-down into the ground. One of the deputies is shown with his knee leaning into Hutcheson’s neck.

WFAA reports that a full five minutes pass before anyone administered CPR or any first aid.

“The video shows it,” Scott Palmer, the Hutcheson family attorney, said in an interview with WFAA. “It’s just a question of how much force and what force and what damage was caused by that… Why are they on top of him? Did they hurt him, rather than help him?”

Now, the family has hired an independent pathologist to review the case. So far, they have said the doctor found organs in Hutcheson’s throat were missing. What that translates to is that an officer drove his knee into his throat so hard that it literally destroyed his throat.

“Nothing my brother did deserved to get his throat crushed,” James Hutcheson, Joseph’s brother, said at a Monday press conference.

Naturally, the police, in collusion with the coroner’s officer, are blaming everything on “illegal drugs.”

Watch the video report and surveillance footage below…

(Article by Jackson Marciana and M. David)

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