Racist Political Campaign Flier Says 'Get the Blacks Out,' Shows KKK Cop Aiming Gun At Unarmed Child

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A flier depicting a disturbing image and racist statements has been turning up throughout the Detroit suburb of Southfield lately. Residents say the racist fliers call on white voters to “get the blacks out”.
How are residents told to “get the blacks out”? By supporting a number of white politicians in November.
Whoever made the flier seems to have some particular favorites, but all of the men running told us they have nothing to do with the fliers and are “disturbed” by them.
The flier features an image of a police officer, dressed in Ku Klux Klan garb, aiming a gun at an unarmed African American child.
This is particularly disturbing because some of those candidates and positions on the flier include law enforcement positions.
In an interview with local WJBK, Tamiko Denson said that residents started finding these fliers as early as last Friday. Since then, even more have been found.
“This to me says he needed to be killed and that’s someone’s child and it’s being used in this message,” Denson commented on the disturbing image.
“To use Trayvon Martin is definitely offensive,” Damon Smith said to local WXYZ.
“That was a big issue in the African American community, still is with the Black Lives Matter, things like that going on.”
Another flier we were shown shows the faces of three white candidates and two white city officials.
The message of the flier is clear: “Let’s get the blacks out of Southfield in November.”
Mayoral candidate Kenson Siver, is pictured on the flier. He insisted to local WJBK he is not racist, but his explanation has many fairly concerned as well.
“We’re not stupid as African Americans, were not stupid,” Smith said. “To throw this out, these people are racists don’t vote for them. Number one thing, people who are racists aren’t up in your face racists. There’s only so many. Especially political people. So they are going to go behind the scenes. They’re not going to say I’m a racist, don’t vote for me.”
Watch the local report from WXYZ in the video below…

(Article by Jackson Marciana; h/t local Fox 2 Detroit; Raw Story)