Body Cam Shows Cop Enter Backyard, Shoot and Kill Dog For No Reason

Police Brutality


This is the disturbing moment a police officer shot a pet dog dead even though the dog had hurt no one, and no crime had been committed at the home.

A Topeka, Kansas police officer decided that the best way to check on an alarm call was to fatally shoot a tiny 26-pound dog at the residence.

Local WIBW reports that Josie, a miniature pinscher mix, that was cared for by a retired judge, was standing in her own yard when Officer Michael Cruse arrived on the scene.

Almost on sight, Cruse shot her multiple times, killing the tiny dog instantly.

The Kansas City Star reports that the incident took place back on July 13th of this year.

The small dog was cared for by Harriette Macnish and her husband, James, who describes himself as a retired Shawnee County district judge.

Harriett had just barely arrived home when the dog-killing cop showed up.

“I went and looked in the front yard and saw a police car. I came back around and he was bent down. Josie was running toward him. It was her yard and she didn’t know him. And he shot her twice and killed her.”

Cruse said he feared an “imminent attack” from the tiny dog.

Harriette said that the dog does bark at strangers who enter the yard, but that she has never bitten anyone, including this officer.

“She wasn’t aggressive. The only thing she’s ever bitten was a dead squirrel. She was just one of the friendliest creatures you’ve ever met.”

The alarm call turned out to have been cancelled, but the police dispatch had not received the message yet. There was no intruder, just a security alarm that didn’t get deactivated quickly enough, so the responding officer decided that a barking 26 pound dog needed to die.


  1. No reason? The cop was checking the residence for a burglary and out of nowhere the dog charges at him barking. That dog was not casually walking up, it was moving fast and I have no doubt it was going to attack. Why on earth would the cop knock on the door when checking for a burglar? He was securing the perimeter and on edge, as anyone would have been. This kind of thing is exactly why my town does not allow dogs to run free, they must be on a leash or fenced in.

  2. Well, I guess it’s a good thing that there was no small neighbor child in the Judges’ back yard or the idiot cop would have mistaken it for a burgler and killed it. When did the majority of the cops in this country turn into such cowards? I’m sitting here looking at a link with the headline “Police Report Confirms Officers Killed Natasha McKenna While Her Hands Were Cuffed and Her Legs Shackled” ~~ Another says: “Police Shoot Unarmed African American Mother and Infant”. I could site twenty more and not put a dent in the new ones that show up on my computer every day.

  3. “I’m sorry, ma’am (that I have no skills to handle anything more terrifying than a dead animal and a weapon).

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