Retired NYPD Commander Speaks Out On Sandra Bland Arrest

Police Brutality


Former New York City Police Department Commander Corey Pegues decided to weigh in on the Sandra Bland arrest.

Pegues gives his professional opinion and breaks down how rogue cops should be punished for their criminal behavior.

“After watching the dashcam footage of the car stop,” he explains, “I was startled by what happened.”

Pegues makes it clear that Bland was originally just thinking that she was getting out of the way of the cop who wanted to go around her.

“It goes from her getting of the way, to being issued a warning, to being threatened with Taser,” and finally being abused and locked up.

“Her cooperation stops at her giving her license, registration and insurance,” he adds.

“She can do whatever she wants. She’s inside of her vehicle.”

“She didn’t have to comply,” with an illegal order, including the instructions to put out her cigarette.

“We have to stop putting the onus on the victim,” Pegues explains.

“We have to stop saying ‘well you should have complied.’ No! The cop should have been professional!”

“If you’re issuing her a warning then issue her a warning,” he continues. “The onus is on the cop to make sure these encounters don’t go bad – not the victim. We can’t keep blaming the victims.”

Watch the interview with Pegues in the video below…

(Article by S. Wooten and M. David)

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