Officer Admits He Lied To Cover For Cop Who Brutally Beat Handcuffed Man

Cover-Up, Police Brutality


A Huntsville, Alabama police officer just admitted that he lied to cover for his fellow officers who brutally beat an unarmed, handcuffed man.

Officer Joshua Bates broke down while testifying Tuesday and admitted the serious of lies to his supervising officers and lies on the police report of the violence incident.

According to local WAFF, Bates was testifying in U.S. District Court when he detailed how he fabricated things to cover for Officer Brett Russell’s brutal beating of a restrained suspect.

This makes Bates the second witness now to come forward and admit such a cover-up of the December 23th, 2011 arrest of Gary Wayne Hopkins.

Bates swore under oath that there were at least three times he covered up Russell’s crimes, and lied about the attack on Hopkins.

Bates admitted that he both liked to an internal affairs investigator and also to the FBI – a felony – and then again to a federal grand jury.

But all of the lies couldn’t hide what cameras captured. Watch that footage below…


Russell, for his part, had been fired from the department back in 2012 for use of excessive force. For some reason he was later unanimously reinstated by the Huntsville City Council.


Watch local report from WAFF-TV below…

(Article by Jackson Marciana and M. David; image of police beating used for illustrative purposes)

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