Michael Brown Art Exhibit Opened in Chicago and Cops Are Furious



Police are furious about a new art exhibit that is all about the murder of Michael Brown by Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson.

The display in Chicago, Illinois includes a life-size portrayal of Michael Brown as he lay face down, right after he was killed last year.

The exhibit also has an African American Statue of Liberty, and a noose hanging from a neon sign.

Art enthusiasts in Chicago say the police have been anything but happy with the display. On message boards and social media posts circulating the debut, self-described police officers had nothing nice to say about the display.

The art display includes a plaque with the words “I Can’t Breath” engraved on it.

These were the last words of Eric Garner as New York City Police officers choked him to death over a few pennies of tax on loose cigarettes.

Far from being a “racially divisive” piece as some police officers on social media have claimed, the artist is a Caucasian woman from New Orleans.

The art exhibit is set to be on display through August 10th of this year.

(Article by Reagan Ali)

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