Cops In Sam DuBose Murder Case Were Sued Over Killing of ANOTHER Unarmed Black Man



The two University of Cincinnati police officers who lied on the Sam DuBose shooting police report have now been revealed to have been the very officers involved in the 2010 Taser-killing of a man.

Footage from Tensing’s body camera shows clearly that DuBose wasn’t driving away when the officer shot him, but Officers Eric Weibel and Phillip Kidd lied and claimed otherwise.

The video below proved that they lied. Neither of them has been indicted yet, for some reason…

Officers Weibel and Kidd were named among seven University of Cincinnati police officers and officials, in a lawsuit alleging the wrongful death of Kelly Brinson.

Brinson, 45, was a university hospital patient, who became agitated when put he was put in a bizarrely harsh seclusion, not unlike solitary confinement. Police were called to restrain him and ended up killing him.

Court documents obtained by The Guardian reveal that Kidd and Weibel gave written statements that they were the ones restraining Brinson, holding him down for another officer to repeatedly Taser him to death.

Brinson quickly went into cardiac arrest, dying days later. The Cincinnati Enquirer reported that the Hamilton County coroner ruled that Brinson died from natural causes, in an effort to help the police conceal their crimes.

The lawsuit was settled for $638,000.

Read the documents from the Brinson lawsuit below…

Court Docs Detail Kelly Brinson's Death

Both officers gave false statements about the July 19 traffic stop that led to the death of DuBose. They claimed they saw DuBose drive away and drag Officer Ray Tensing before Tensing shot him. That wasn’t even remotely true.

Weibel even said in his report that Tensing’s uniform looked like he had been dragged.

(Article by M. David)

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