Cop Shoots and Kills Teenager Over Bag of Marijuana

Police Brutality


Zachary Hammond was recently shot to death by the police, and it was all over a bag of marijuana.

Paul Hammond, Zachary’s father says that his son was fatally shot by a Seneca, South Carolina police officer during what is being described as an attempted drug bust.

The incident took place last Sunday night. Zachary’s parents say that they thoroughly dispute the official police narrative of events and they have subsequently hired an attorney for the purposes of conducting their own investigation.

Put simply, everything the police are saying justified the shooting of their 19-year-old son, is a lie.

What we know is that Zachary was shot through an open-side window of his car, and the wounds from the police gun shots are on his side and shoulder.

That’s enough to prove the police lied right off the bat.

Police Chief John Covington told the media that the officer “fired two shots in self-defense” as Zachary “drove his vehicle directly at the officer” behind a Hardee’s restaurant.

But if that was the case, why are the wounds to his side? Clearly that means he had passed the officer and the vehicle was in no way endangering his life.

Now, the State Law Enforcement Division says they are investigating the shooting.

The shooter has been placed on administrative leave, for now, but this is standard, Covington reaffirmed.

Covington doubled down on the false police version of events on Tuesday.

“The car was still coming at him,” he claimed.

But Paul Hammond says that his son was just trying to get away and the officer shot him for fleeing.

“I’m sure he was trying to flee the scene, but I think he was shot for fleeing the scene,” he explained. “I don’t think you use excessive force for somebody in a Honda Civic that they thought he had pot.”

“We are obviously grieving the loss of our son,” Zach’s mother Angie Hammond said. “This is a most difficult time and the facts as we have been told and (were) reported are in conflict.

“We are conducting our own investigation as to the circumstances of this tragic and unnecessary death.”

Zachary was not even the target of the marijuana bust, the girl riding with him was.

Tori Dianna Morton, 23, was in the car but was not hit by the police bullets.

When all was said and done, she was charged with simple possession of marijuana and released Monday.

“He made mistakes. We’re not saying he was perfect,” his mother explained. “But he wasn’t the big-time criminal they’re making him out to be.”

(Article by M. David and Reagan Ali)

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