Police Release Video and Indict Killer Cop In Hopes of Stopping Cincinnati Uprising

Police Brutality


The City of Cincinnati just released Officer Ray Tensing’s body camera video of the fatal shooting at noon on Thursday, and community activists are saying they know why.

“The City and police are afraid. They know what happened last time they let one of these killer cops walk, and they know what will happen this time,” one resident who lives near the University of Cincinnati said.

“They’re trying to calm us down before the city boils over.”

Counter Current News citizen journalists are on site in various locations around Cincinnati, asking members of the community what will happen if the video is released – showing the murder of Samuel DuBose by a University of Cincinnati police officer – and that officer is not held accountable.

“Timothy Thomas,” one resident told us.

“Can you explain for those who don’t remember,” we asked.

“Back when Officer Roach walked, sh*t popped off. You can expect that again.”

He’s referring to the shooting of an unarmed African American man, back in 2001. Officer Roach did not face any charges for the fatal shooting of a man who was wanted only for unpaid traffic tickets.

Roach claimed it was dark. He claimed he thought Thomas was reaching for a gun. Then he changed his story and said he accidentally tripped with his finger on the trigger. Then he changed the story back. He didn’t do a day behind bars, and later he was known for a number of potentially deadly mishaps, including accidentally forgetting his sidearm in the Cincinnati jail restroom, where inmates routinely cleaned. It was an inmate who turned in the gun and reported the officer’s negligence.

The University of Cincinnati has been anticipating an uprising (or “riots”, depending on who you ask), at least the size of those in 2001. They say that they will cancel all classes on the Uptown and Medical campuses from 11 a.m. Wednesday, until further notice.

“This decision is made with an abundance of caution in anticipation of today’s announcement of the Hamilton County grand jury’s decision regarding the July 19 officer-involved shooting of Samuel Dubose and the release of the officer’s body camera video,” the UC police said in an official statement.

“We realize this is a challenging time for our university community.”

DuBose was fatally shot UC officer Ray Tensing during a July 19 traffic stop in Mount Auburn. DuBose was unarmed.

The Cincinnati Police Chief says that he has seen the tape and “it isn’t good.” Now, that video has been released.

Cop Block brings us the following videos of the incident:

Body Cam Footage of Shooting

Full Unedited Body Cam Footage of Shooting

Cop Block brings us word of Officer Ray Tensing’s indictment, earlier today, in the shooting death of Dubose.

Cop Block reports that prosecutor Joe Deters had this to say about the killing:

“He didn’t do anything violent to the officer, he wasn’t dragging him, and he intentionally pulled out his gun and shot him in the head. He was making excuses for the purposeful killing of another person. I’m not saying he’s smart, that’s what I think he did. He lost his temper because Mr. Dubose wouldn’t get out of his car. When you see this you won’t believe how quickly he pulls his gun. Maybe a second – it’s incredible.”

Deters later added that the officer “purposely killed him. He should never have been a police officer. This is without question a murder.”

Will this calm the community, or will the uprising continue until this killer cop is actually convicted?

(Article by M. David and S. Wooten)

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