Cincinnati Killer Cop RELEASED From Jail!

Police Brutality


Officer Ray Tensing has just been released from jail, after spending barely 24 hours behind bars.

Tensing was caught on police bodycam video shooting a driver after stopping him over a spurious claim of a missing front license plate. But as it turns out, DuBose had a front license plate displayed in his window, which as far as we can tell is perfectly legal in Ohio.

Tensing, now a former officer from the University of Cincinnati Police Department, just pleaded not guilty on Thursday, July 30, to all charges related to the murder and voluntary manslaughter of Samuel Dubose in Mount Auburn.

Just Wednesday, a grand jury indicted him for the July 19, murder of 43-year-old DuBose.

Local Channel 12 News, reports that Tensing’s attorney, Stew Mathews, requested that Judge Megan Shanahan release Tensing on his own recognizance.

That request was denied, but assistant Hamilton County Prosecutor Mark Piepmeier did set his lowest amount for a bond in a murder case: $1 million.

“The bond will be $1 million any way. Ladies and gentlemen this is a courtroom, you will conduct yourselves at all times appropriately.”

That bond was posted, and Tensing is now back on the streets again, with his next court appearance set for August 19.

Watch the local report from Channel 12 in the video below…

(Article by S. Wooten and M. David)

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