Another Woman Arrested On Minor Charges Found Dead In Jail Cell

Police Brutality


What’s going on? Another woman, arrested on minor charges, has been found dead inside of her jail cell. The New York mother of eight was found in the Mount Vernon jail on Monday afternoon. This was only two days after being taken into police custody – not unlike the very similar circumstances that Sandra Bland found herself in.

According to Mount Vernon Mayor Earnest Davis, Raynetta Turner, 43, was arrested for allegedly stealing food, Saturday afternoon.

Turner told jail deputies that she was experiencing a number of multiple medical problems, including hypertension and issues related to a recent surgery.

Deputies ignored her for some time, then finally took her to an area hospital. But she was quickly released, and it is unclear what – if anything – was done for her.

Her husband, Herman Turner, wants answers.

“All I know is my wife is dead, and no one is saying anything,” he said in an interview with New York’s ABC affiliate. “She was a mother, she was a wife. She was mine. No longer is she mine.”

An autopsy is underway. So far, police and jail officials are saying nothing.

We’ll keep you posted as information on her death becomes available.

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