Police Shoot THOUSANDS of Rounds At UNARMED Drivers and Get Away With It



Police departments all over the nation have been firing seemingly impossible numbers of bullets into the vehicles of unarmed drivers. Worst of all, they are getting away with it!

The following are three of the most recent and most insane cases of police firing hundreds of rounds into the vehicles of unarmed drivers, and facing no justice.


Police Fire Over 600 Rounds Into Vehicle, Killing Innocent Woman


Police officers in the City of Stockton, California says its officers are not to blame for firing over 600 rounds into a disabled SUV, hitting an innocent hostage more than 10 times.

It all happened after armed bank robbery suspects took off in the SUV with a hostage. The police knew this much, but it didn’t cause them a moment’s pause when they unloaded magazine after magazine full of rounds into the vehicle, suspects and hostage.

Now, the family of Misty Holt-Singh, the hostage who was riddled with bullets, is considering filing suit against the City of Stockton and the Stockton Police Department for how they handled the July 17th robbery and high speed chase.

They have four more months to decide, but attorney Gregory Benthly says that they are “forcing the Singhs’ hand.” Bentley indicated that a claim would be filed, but he did not specify when.

“The city has refused to accept responsibility for its actions,” Bentley explained in a statement. “Stockton police officers fired over 600 bullets at a disabled vehicle with full knowledge that Misty was inside… of the bullets that struck Misty, every single one was fired from a member of the Stockton police.”

An investigation into the massive police shooting revealed that 34 police officers shot at the suspects and hostage, violating “numerous standard police protocols in their response,” Bentley explained. Officers are instructed to engage the robbers after they leave the bank, rather than while the robbery is in progress.

Kelly Huber, an employee at the bank, added that even the hostage-taking was a result of police negligence. Officers were not prepared to contain the robbers when they interrupted the robbery.

Huber was shot in both legs during the police interruption of the robbery-in-progress. She is seeking damages for these injuries and a broken bone.

Watch the video report below…


Police Shoot Two Unarmed Men 377 Times, In Car That Had Already Crashed


Police abuse doesn’t get much more flagrant than this. Recently dozens of Miami-Dade police officers filled Adrian Montesano’s vehicle with 377 bullet holes, shot from every imaginable angle.

The frenzied show of police force was described by witnesses as “chaotic” and “contagious” in nature.

The vehicle’s 2 occupants had been trying to surrender, but 23 police officers in total decided to act as judge, jury and executions, shooting up the car, the suspects and also neighboring houses, businesses, vehicles. Even fellow police officers were hit by the insane barrage of bullets from the high capacity magazines carried in triplicate by each officer.

The events began back in the early morning hours of December 10th, 2013, but questions about the massive show of police force have begun to mount in the community.

Adrian Montesano had already crashed, and his vehicle remained pinned between a utility pole and a tree after an earlier police pursuit around 5:00 a.m.

Dozens of officers aimed their M4 assault rifles, as well as high capacity handguns towards the from every angle, and for several minutes, they shot round after round into the unarmed suspects. 

Anthony Vandiver witnesses the assault from his house. He ran upstairs to watch the whole thing unfold, from a perfect, unobstructed view.“They said, ‘put your hands up!’  And the guys were still moving after they shot, like maybe 50-60 times,” Mr. Vandiver told CBS-4 Miami.  “And the guys tried to put their hands up, and as soon as they put their hands up, it erupted again.”

“The policemen that had on the black and white vests were out there laughing like it was so funny because they got a free shot off them people,” another neighbor, speaking on the condition of anonymity added.

Finally, 2 different officers were struck by so-called friendly fire. Other officers had their eardrums ruptured from the sheer duration of fire.

“Get all the officers off to the side.  We’ve got to get rescue in here,” one panicked officer could be heard saying on a radio transmission. “There’s too many officers here! Back them up!!”

Adrian Montesano and his passenger, Corsini Valdes, were long dead by that time, but officers continued to fire.

“That was it for them. That guy tried his best to give up,” Vandiver recounted “I swear to God; on everything I love, my kids my momma, everything.  I seen it all.”


Cleveland Cop Who Fired 49 Times Out of 137 Total Police Rounds Fired At UNARMED Suspects Found ‘Not Guilty’


A “not guilty” verdict has just been handed down in Cleveland against one of the police officers who shot a total of 137 rounds at two unarmed suspects.

Two counts of voluntary manslaughter were raised against a Cleveland officer who had been charged in the 2012 deaths of Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams.

The hail of gun fire followed a high-speed chase. Several officers were involved, amped up and apparently hell-bent on unloading on the suspects.

Small protests erupted in Cleveland following the “not guilty” verdict, and the word is activists throughout the state and further are headed to Cleveland to help keep the momentum going.

Judge John P. O’Donnell concluded verdict announcement, saying “I find that the state did not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant Michael Brelo caused the deaths Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams because the essential element of causation was not proved for both counts.”

The nearly hour-long verdict, involved Judge O’Donnell citing testimony from doctors for the prosecution and defense. That testimony essentially said that while Brelo delivered at least one fatal shot into both Russell and Williams, it was impossible to pin point which of the 137 rounds was the final shot that killed the two unarmed suspects.

O’Donnell, also had the audacity to suggest that Brelo’s use of force was “constitutionally reasonable.”

“It is Brelo’s perception of a threat that matters,” O’Donnell said, explaining that since the officers “thought” that the unarmed suspects were armed, it was acceptable for them to shoot them 137 times.

If Brelo would have been convicted, he could have faced three to 11 years in prison for each count.

O’Donnell added that the community being outraged “will not be expiated by a verdict in a single criminal case.”

There were 13 officers who took part in this massive assault, but because “prosecutors said he waited until the car had stopped and the occupants were no longer a threat to fire 15 rounds down into the windshield while standing on its hood,” Brelo faced the most serious charges.

“Timothy Russell made some bad decisions that night, but it should not be a death sentence,” assistant county prosecutor 0 said to the judge, while nonetheless maintaining the argument that Brelo “acted reasonably.”

NPR’s Carrie Johnson noted that in December, the U.S. Department of Justice determined that the Brelo and the other officers had “found a pattern of excessive force by Cleveland police. The 18-month federal civil rights investigation also found police supervisors failed to document and investigate claims of brutality.”

The Associated Press noted that Brelo’s attorneys arguments, along with “testimony showed that other officers fired during the final barrage and that prosecutors couldn’t prove in what order the fatal shots were fired.”

Because of this, Brelo has gotten away with murder.

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson is set to speak at 1pm Eastern Time.

Spread the word. These killer cops will continue to get away with these crimes if we continue to remain silent about it. The only way to force this to an end is through widespread, public outrage!

(Article by M. David and Jackson Marciana)

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