Unarmed Man Shot In the Back By Police For Driving a Maserati



Yes you read that right, and no, that is not the official, sanitized, police version of events. But all evidence from an Atlanta medical examiner has made it clear that a Georgia man who was shot by police while driving a Maserati was in fact not shot because the officers “feared for their lives” as they claim.

That’s because the medical examiner determined that Nicholas Taft Thomas was shot in the back, after driving away from the officers.

The Guardian reports that the Smyrna Police Department claims that their officers “had no choice” but to open fire on Thomas. That’s because they claim he was trying to plow the car right into them – “using the vehicle as a weapon.”

But that is impossible, since he was shot in the back. We now know – thanks to science – that the police version of these evidence is a complete lie. To argue otherwise is tantamount to denying empirical evidence and thus science.

Those who maintain the police narrative of events are essentially modern day “flat-earthers”, believing fairy tales that simply do not hold up to scientific analysis. Who are we do believe? The police or the “lying eyes” of forensic scientists? You know the Smyrna Police Department’s answer to that question.

The police gunman had claimed previous that Thomas was driving a car toward officers when he opened fire.

The autopsy conducted by a metro-Atlanta area coroner determined that Thomas was killed while driving a customer’s Maserati, outside of a Goodyear tire store where he worked.

The Cobb County medical examiner’s office certified the report Tuesday.

Police confirmed to us that the gunman was Sergeant Kenneth Owens of Smyrna, Georgia. They reaffirmed to us the basic gist of the police report: that Sergeant Owens “feared for his life.”

They claim that Thomas was “driving right towards him” when they tried to serve him with a warrant for parole violation. But every single witness on the scene who wasn’t dressed in a uniform has disputed those claims.

The medical examiner’s report claims that the fatal shot hit Thomas in his lungs and aorta, eventually stopping in his upper left chest.

The autopsy could not tell how far away the officer was, but it could determine that Thomas was shot in the back, indicating that there was no way he could have been traveling towards Owens.

“Nicholas Thomas died as a result of a gunshot wound of the torso sustained during an altercation with police,” the report explains. “The manner of death is classified as homicide. The designation of the manner of death as homicide does not necessarily indicate improper actions on the part of police.”

Mawuli Davis, an attorney representing Thomas’s family says that the coroner’s report “reinforces the position we have taken that he was not a threat to the officers”.

What that means is the officers essentially shot Thomas for fleeing in the Maserati. They didn’t shoot him for driving towards them, as this would have precluded him from being shot in the back.

Unfortunately, the mainstream corporate media will kow tow to the police and run their official fairy tale narrative. What it boils down to is a man being shot for fleeing in a stolen car.

(Article by M. David)

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