Innocent Man Locked Up For 30 Years Tells Prosecutor ‘I Can’t Forgive You’



There is always pressure for victims of law enforcement injustice to say they “forgive” their oppressors, even after family members are murdered or they spend decades locked in a cage due to wrongful conviction.

In one recent interview, Anderson Cooper sat down with Walter Scott’s family, asking if they forgive the officer who gunned him down.

Another CNN reporter asked the parents of Jordan Davis if they forgive Michael Dunn for killing him.

But Glenn Ford, the innocent, and now exonerated inmate who spent 30 years on death row for crimes he never committed, has a different answer than what the mainstream media is used to.

When former prosecutor Marty Stroud paid Ford a visit, asking for forgiveness, she explained “I want you to know that I am very sorry. It’s a stain on me that will be with me until I go to my grave.”

“Right,” Ford said. He was too weak to stand up due to the cancer ravaging his body. Now that he’s free, he is only expected to live another six months.

“But it still cost me 31 years of my life,” he explained. “And then nothing at the end but death because they give me from six to eight months to live.”

“I’m sorry,” Ford concluded. “But I can’t forgive you.”

(Article by Shante Wooten; h/t to Breaking Brown)

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