Girl Saw Cops Gun Down Her Dad, Now She Just Watched Them Kill Her Son Too



Beverly Alford-Allen’s saw the police gun down her own father when she was younger. She never thought she would grow to witness the police do the very same thing to her son after he returned from military service.

But that’s just what ended up happening. Beverly’s son had a mental breakdown last summer. She was afraid for him and didn’t know how to help.

So she called 911, never knowing that it would mean her son’s executioners were on the way.

When she was just a child, Alford-Allen saw a Wichita police officer fatally shoot her father.

When the police arrived, in response to the 911 call, her 26-year-old son, an Iraq War veteran named Icarus Randolph was gunned down, after three tours in combat, according to The Wichita Eagle.

On July 4 of last year, the family contacted the Veterans Administration along with local mental health associations to try to get help for Randolph. They said he had become withdrawn and would do things that made them worry about him like picking up a knife after he heard fireworks go off.

The family thought they were doing the right thing by calling 911. They even warned the officers to be alert because Randolph had a knife and was agitated, but they said he had not been violent at all, nor made any threats towards himself or others.

Relatives said that the second officer on the scene was “impatient” and not helpful at all. When he was told that a mental health professional recommended that an ambulance take Randolph to a hospital, the officer gruffly folded his arms and complained that it was the Fourth of July, so he didn’t want to get into a big incident like that.

He explained that Randolph didn’t have get treatment if he didn’t want to.

But his mother knew that he needed help, so she called for a supervisor.

When Randolph started “roaring loudly,” and throwing things around, with a numb expression on his face, the second officer gunned down the Marine Corps veteran, filling Randolph’s abdomen with four rounds from his service pistol.

Alford-Allen ran toward her son, but the officer aimed his gun at her next and threatened to murder her if she did not get back.

Randolph bled to death over the next 10 to 15 minutes before an ambulance was even called.

A public records request and witness statements have identified the shooter as Officer Ryan Snyder.

Now, Randolph’s family is filing a lawsuit, claiming that the police violated their own department policy in how they handled this incident.

“The reality of the situation is that the family called police for help, and rather than giving any help, that officer that showed up escalated the situation, argued and berated the family over the rights of their loved one and then killed him,” Djuan Wash, of Sunflower Community Action said.

Do you agree? This certainly seems to be an open and shut case, but the mainstream media isn’t making a peep about it.

(Article by M. David)

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