Federal Judge Upholds Racial Profiling Conviction Against Sheriff Joe Arpaio



A federal judge just upheld the conviction against Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio. In the new ruling, a suit filed by the U.S. Justice Department was maintained against Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio. That suit alleges damning, widespread civil rights violations by the notorious Sheriff and Fox News pundit.

The ruling by U.S. District Judge Roslyn Silver said that the findings of a previous federal judge in a separate 2007 lawsuit filed by civil rights groups, must stand.

That judge ruled that Arpaio’s deputies routinely engaged in corruption and racial profiling against Latino drivers. It added that Latino drivers were unlawfully detained with no probable cause other than their race. This, of course, is entirely illegal, but it has been par for the course under Sheriff Joe’s leadership.

Judge Silver refused to allow any parties involved to relitigate further.

The allegations surrounding the “discriminatory traffic stop claims” were confirmed in giving the summary judgment for the Justice Department attorneys. Those attorneys represented a 2012 suit which alleged that the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office deliberately and without regard for the law, engaged in such policies of racial profiling and unlawful arrest of people based only on their being Latino.

The suit called out Sheriff Joe for routinely violating the rights of political opponents as well. This included methods of targeting with “unsubstantiated complaints” as well as “lawsuits” and in at least one case, even false arrest.

There are further claims in that lawsuit that will move forward in a trial set to begin on August 10th. The allegations at the center of that trail say that Arpaio’s deputies wantonly discriminated against Latino inmates who had limited English proficiency.

While this is true, there are even broader abuses of inmates that Arpaio not only engages in, but publicly celebrates as a guest on a variety of shows on the Fox News network.

Arpaio prides himself on being “America’s Toughest Sheriff.” Even while celebrating the details of his many abuses, he denies the allegations in their specifics as articulated in court.

He says he will fight the Justice Department “to the bitter end.”

(Article by Jackson Marciana)

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