School Bans Parents After They Complained Their Daughter Was Told 'N****** Don't Belong' In Class

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An Indiana school recently banned parents of a sixth-grader for complaining about their daughter being called a racial slur in class.
Instead of confronting the racism, the school administrators decided to punish the girl’s parents for making an issue out of the incident.
NyZeria Neely is the only African American student in her class at Concord Intermediate School.
Neely is classified as a “gifted” student, and has been placed in a high-ability class.
But not everyone thinks she belongs in the class. For two weeks in a row, she has received threatening notes in her locker that have read: “Watch your back,” and “N****rs don’t belong!!!”
In the school as a whole, African Americans account for 10 percent of the students but only 2 percent of the school personnel.
NyZeria showed an image of the notes to her teacher, then school principal Chad Stamm.
“He told me not to worry because it’s just words,” NyZeria recalled. “But it’s more than words. I felt that it was offensive — very offensive.”
But her parents weren’t accepting that answer. They complained that administrators did nothing when NyZeria was called the same slur “n****r” three weeks ago, even before the notes were found.
“They have taken it lightly,” Gina Neely, NyZeria’s mother said. “It’s too severe of a case to ignore something like this. They don’t want to hear me.”
The parents showed up at the school with a sign that read: “STOP BULLYING OUR CHILDREN.”
But shortly after their meeting with administrators, they were issued a no-trespass order by the Elkhart County Sheriff’s Department.
Neely has now pulled NyZeria and her three siblings out of the school saying that it is absurd to send her children to a school that she has been banned from.
The family is now considering sending their children to Elkhart schools, where approximately 15 percent of the students are African American.
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(Article by S. Wooten; image via local Fox 28 and WSJV-TV)