Filmmaker Calls On Poor Blacks and Whites To ‘Team Up’ Against Police Brutality

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The world famous filmmaker John Waters is a lifelong resident of Baltimore. In the wake of the Freddie Gray shooting and community protests, he decided to weigh in.

During an interview during his current book tour, Waters told The Daily Beast that he believes the police brutality problem is bigger than just “black and white.”

Waters discussed an array of topics, ranging from voter fraud to Jeb Bush. But when it came to the Baltimore protests, riots, or uprising (depending on who is defining them), he said the riots were not at all dissimilar to the ones back in 1968. But there are some key differences and suggestions Waters has.

“I was around for the first Baltimore riots,” he said. “My first apartment in Baltimore was on 25th Street and Calvert, and there were tanks outside of my house. Everywhere was burning. Believe me, these riots were not as bad as those. But the riots in Baltimore this time were more widespread than what you saw on CNN.”

He says that CNN and other mainstream media outlets only looked at a narrow portion of the protests, preferring those which could be spun in the most sensational and fear-mongering of ways.


Waters said that “the problem in Baltimore is that there is also an equal number of poor white people. I really wish that they would team up. The poor people of Baltimore need to make it a class issue, not a race issue.”

What do you think?

We recently reported on the startling new assessments of the FBI statistics related to police shooting statistics. Click here to read all about them. Do you think they support what Waters is saying?

(Article by M. David and S. Wooten; image via IBTimes; h/t The Daily Beast)

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