Protesters Swarm White House Demanding ‘Justice For Freddie Gray’ and an ‘End To Police Terror’



In breaking news, protesters have gathered outside of the White House demanding “justice for Freddie Gray” as well as an “End to Police Terror.”

Check out some of the scenes below…


Here one group of protesters can be seen marching towards the White House…


The protest hit the White House and people started snapping images and Tweeting them. Right around that time, a bizarre Facebook “glitch” happened, which prevented any images preloading with articles. That meant that if you posted a tweet of an image at this time, Facebook wasn’t loading it.

Some protesters suggested there was a link. We found nothing to explain the cause of the Facebook bug, and at the time of publication, it is still in effect, though there are some work-arounds.



This wasn’t the first move on the White House by protesters, but it was the biggest yet.

Yesterday, demonstrators made their way to the White House, but they were stopped by members of the secret service.


So the real question is why this isn’t headline news?

At the time of this article’s publication, we could not find one major media outlet covering the protest at the White House. Why do you think that is?

(Article by Reagan Ali)

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